3" Thermal POS Printer


MX-55 is a series of front loading specialty POS printers. It is launched to achieve market leading reliability in a compact counter space.

MX-55 Series offer a triple interface, intelligent auto cutter control with an average printing speed of 200mm/s increasing convenience for the counter operator.MX-55 series also offer a special queue printing solution for seamless ques busting and queue management. MX -55 series is advantageous for kiosk manufacturers, as the cube styled front exit panel allows direct entry into front kiosk printer panels.

Compatible with:

MX-55 for windows
MX-55 for ios
MX-55 for apple
MX-55 for android

Ideal for Receipts in Limited Spaces

Front-Exit printing combined with compact cube Design fits smoothly into limited work spaces (169 sq.cm).

Sleek back-panel allows I/O cable management allowing tidy counter appearance.

Ideal for Receipts in Limited Spaces

Reliability and Performance

The MX-55 delivers a fast printing speed of up to 200mm/s that suits any cash counter environment. With its 203 dpi resolution, clear and crisp text and graphic results are assured. With a MCBF of 40 million lines, TPH of 100 kilometers, and 1.0 million auto cutting, the MX-55 is reliable and durable enough to operate seamlessly in today's hectic counter setting.

Print Speed

200 mm/sec


203 dpi (Standard)


100 km


40 million Lines


1 million Cuts

 Reliability and Performance
Intelligent Auto-Cutter Jam Control

Intelligent Auto-Cutter
Jam Control

Resume from cutter jam automatically with the intelligent autocutter control technology. This feature will drastically increase your speed in break down resolution.

Support Queue Printing
and Reprinting

Excessive queuing and waiting are among the leading causes of consumer dissatisfaction in banks, retail stores, hospitals and government institutions.

MX-55 queue management features solve that problem.

Support Queue Printing and Reprinting

Retail POS-Point of Sale Cash Counter Receipt

Customer bills and end of day reports.

A POS system is placed with the cashier when a customer makes a purchase at your store. In simple terms every time the customer purchases something, he has made a point of sale transaction. A POS system consists of hardware and software components making running operations of a business easier and faster. In such a POS system a thermal receipt printer is implemented for providing superfast receipts and printing end of the day reports for cashiers and management.



Restaurant KOT - Kitchen Order Taking Slip Printing

Customer orders directly to kitchen chef.

A Kitchen order system is the modern backbone of back-of house operations in a restaurant kitchen. This system helps the chefs and other staff members remain productive and fast. A KOT system impacts the overall food quality, delivery times and customer experience of your restaurant. The intent of KOT system is to route orders coming from a POS to the correct kitchen station. Whenever a customer orders a dish the waiter punches it into the main POS system, therafter a slip containing order content is passed on to the kitchen for the chef to notice. A thermal receipt printer is widely implemented for these KOT slips for chefs.

SSK- Self Service Kiosks (ATM, Online Banking, Ticketing, etc.) Print

Embedded SSK Receipt Printing.

Self service kiosks are one of the most diverse forms of SSTs. Multiples have a trend of adopting SSK systems such as ATM, shipment lockers, self checkout stations in grocery stores. SSKs are very uselful in industries such as retail, logistics, tourism, Ecommerce, Airports, Railway stations. SSKs provide a source of competitive advantage development. A special group of thermal printers called kiosk printers are embedded inside SSKs which give instant receipts to customers on demand after every self service transaction.



Industrial Machine Panels

Embedded Machine Panel Printing.

Industrial equipments constantly monitor processes and give readings for eg. Sterlization equipments record sterility cycles readings, Flowmeters record liquid parameters, heavy duty weighbridges record precise weight.These readings have to be reported to floor/lab staff on a constant basis. Industrial machine panels are usually contructed with HMIs and PLCs are major componets. Thermal printers are embedded on machine panels via cut-outs to enable these reports being printed on a speedy basis. Host machines normally communicate with thermal printers via RS232.

Tokening - Visitor Queue Management

A token management system known as queue management system is implemented to manage crowd or queues fast by issuing token slips. These tokens are generally issue by customer facing staff at waiting areas. A token management system serves businesses in multiple industries that come in contact with continuous flow of customers such as banks, hospitals, clinics, etc. A powerful thermal printing solution with high DPI is a must for a tokening system.



Delivery Note - Logistics Delivery Proof

A delivery note is a document that is inserted with a package of materials to be sent out to the destination party. It enlists the description, the amount of goods packed in the shipment, the quantity of goods. In normal cases standard laser printers are used for printing delivery notes in medium scale warehouses but for warehouses with high frequency of shipments laser printers prove to be slow. Thermal printers can add value here by the virtue of their speed printing.

Technical Specifications

Printing Method

Direct thermal

Paper Width

58 / 80 / 83 ±0.5 mm

Print Width

72 mm / 76 mm / 80 mm / 64 mm / 48 mm / 52 mm

Column Capacity

576 dots / line / 512 dots / line (adjustable by command)

Printing Speed

200 mm / s Max.


USB + Serial + LAN (Optional : Bluetooth / WIFI)

Line Spacing

3.75 mm (Adjustable by commands)

Column Number

80 mm paper
Font A - 42 columns / 48 columns
Font B - 56 columns / 64 columns
Chinese, Traditional Chinese - 21 columns / 24 columns

Character Size

ANK, Font A :1.5 X 3.0 mm (12 X 24 dots); Font B : 1.1 X 2.1 mm (9 X 17 dots);
Traditional Chinese : 3.0 X 3.0 mm (24X24 dots)

Auto Cutter


Extension character sheet

PC 347 (Standard Europe), Katakana, PC 850 (Multilingual), PC 860 (Portuguese), PC 863 (Canadian-French),
PC 865 (Nordic), West Europe, Greek, Hebrew, East Europe, Iran, WPC 1252, PC 866 (Cyrillic#2),
PC 852 (Latin2), PC 858, IranII, Latvian, Arabic, PT151 (1251)

1D Barcode

UPC-A / UPC-E / JAN 13 (EAN 13) / JAN8 (EAN 8) / CODE 39 / ITF / CODABAR / CODE 93 / CODE 128

2D Barcode


Input Buffer

2048 Kbytes

NV Flash

256 Kbytes

Power Adaptor

Input : AC 240 V, 50~60 Hz
Output : DC 24V/2.5A

Printer Input

DC 24 V / 2.5 A

Cash Drawer Output

DC 24 V / 1 A


1.1 Kg


130*140*133 mm (D*W*H)

Operation Environment

Temperature (0~45oC) humidity (10~80%)

Storage Environment

Temperature(-10~60oC) humidity (10~80%)

Cutter Life

1 million cuts

Printer Head Life

100 km




Windows / JPOS / Linux / Android / Mac / OPOS


Windows & Linux Test Utility


iOS / Android / Windows

MX_55 II

MX-55 II


Level Printer

MX-55 Plus


ENT Plus


POS Printer

About Us


XVC was launched by parent company Maxim Peripherals Pvt ltd to eliminate low reliability and processing power in thermal printing solutions. XVC India specializes in desktop based thermal receipt printers allowing complete management over a cash/ticketing counter, SSK, KOT, Machine panel,etc. Right from entry level to enterprise level, our devices have the reliability it takes to supercharge the customer checkout process. Featuring high MTBF lives, available with a USB, Serial and Ethernet triple interface, we allow you to manage your operations in any setting. Our devices are compatible with ESC command sequences, ready to be integrated with Windows, Android and IOS.

Maxim Peripherals specializes in thermal and impact dot printing solutions for over 20 years. XVC assures you reliability along with within 24 hour service call resolution for any carry-in service calls for our products. XVC supports powerful distributor programs, enabling our partners to succeed along with us in their own endeavours. We offer complete OEM/ODM support with custom packaging for businesses who want to launch their own brands leveraging our product and service expertise.

Maxim Peripherals started in 1991 as a supplier of impact dot matrix printer mechanisms and thermal printer mechanism. Around 2002, Maxim pivoted to full fledged desktop , mobile, panel mounted thermal and impact printing solutions. Around 2019, Maxim launched their own brand of Thermal Front Exit printing solutions called XVC. Our other products can be viewed on the website www.maximppl.com.


Brand Name: XVC
Company Registered Name: Maxim Peripherals Pvt. Ltd
Experience in the field of Mini printers: 27 Years
Target Audience : B2B , B2C (Only Projects)
Industries Served: Retail, Hospitality, SSK, Medical Equipment, Logistics, etc.
Director Name: Sanjay Desai, Tejas Desai, Sangeeta Desai
Head Office Location : Mumbai, India
Warehouse Location : Mumbai, India
Factory Location: OEM Contract Manufacturing Factory at Taiwan and China.
Production Capacity: Upto 5000 units per month.
Inventory Holding Capacity: Upto 20,000 units.
Lead Time: 2-4 Days Ex-Stock
Export Terms: FOB and Ex-Works Both with Freight at Actuals.
White Label Product and Packing : Possible at no MOQ.
Custom Packing and Logo: Possible for MOQ 1000 units.
Customer Support : Priority Customer Support 9:00 am -9:00 pm IST
Onsite Support Regions: Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad
Offsite Support Regions: Global
Main Service Centre Location: Mumbai
Product Warranty: 1 - 5 years depending on product model.
Other Products: Thermal Panel Printers, Label Printers, Impact Printers, Mobile Printers
Partners Associations: Authorised Bixolon (Samsung) Distributors, Authorised Epson Partners.